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School Procedures


One of our goals is to teach students to take responsibility for all of their actions and behave in an apprpriate manner that shows resepct towards the learning enviornment and the rights of others.  We have implemented a set of school rules that will be consisten throughout the school day and apply in all learning environments (e.g. classroom, halls, lunchroom, playground, restroom, busses).


     •Place your body in control
     •Activate your listening mind
     •Work smart (Be Here - Be Ready - Be Prepared)

The primary objective of dsicipline is to be positive and to h elp each student develop self-control.  Student self-control gives them POWER over themselves and environment.  The school motto helps reinforce this concept.


     •Positive Attitude
     •On Task
     •Wise Choices
     •Respect and Responsibility

Each learning area has procedures and voice levels that will be taught and reinforced.  A variety of positive reinforcement programs are used to recognize students who are appropriately following these procedures.  The area procedures include:

Bus (B.U.S)

Body in control
Use appropriate voice
Sit on pockets

Restroom (Shhhhhh!)


Hallway (W.A.L.K)

Walk to the Right
Appropriate Voice (OFF)
Look Forward
Keep body in control

Assembly (C.L.A.P.)

C means voices off
Legs crossed
Appropriate responses
Place body in control

Lunchroom (C.H.E.W.)

Control Body
Everyone Cleans Up

Library (R.E.A.D.)

Return books
Enter quietly
Always leave library clean
Decide on a book quickly

Playground (P.L.A.Y.)

Please share and be fair
Line up quickly & quietly
Assigned area
Your body in control

Gym (G.Y.M.)

Get in your squad
Your body in control
Midland sportsmanship

Lab (L.A.B.)

Appropriate voice
Body in control



updated: 2015-08-24