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Get Involved

The Midland Elementary School Community Council is a group of parents, teachers, and administrators who oversee the Utah Trust Land money that is given to schools each year. (Utah laws require the establishment of a permanent school fund. All net proceeds of the trust lands are deposited in the fund. Like an endowment, the principal is never spent; only the interest and dividends are distributed to support public schools. The capital gains are reinvested to grow the fund and its impact on student.)

The Trust Land money should be spent on literacy (reading) and numeracy (math).

Our meetings are open to the public, please see the schedule for more information. Thanks for your interest in the Community Council.

Would you like to be more involved?

If you would like to serve as a parent member on the Community Council, we encourage you to run for one of the open community council positions. You need to submit your name and contact information to the principal at least one day before back-to-school night (this year back to school night is on August 19. ) If there are more parents interested in running to be on the council then we have spots for, there will be a ballot election held during our back to school night and running through the following week to allow parents who cannot make it to back to school night a chance to vote.
If you would just like to give your input, but do not serve on the community council, we would love to have your voice at any of the meetings where we give a chance for community response. Although you would not have an official vote, we will take all opinions into consideration as we make decisions on how to improve our school.