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Midland Attendance Policy


The education process requires continuous instruction, class participation, and study. Frequent absences from class disrupt this instructional process. Success in school is dependent upon good attendance. All the schools that send students to Roy High have chosen attendance as a focus.  In an effort to help our students with attendance we are implementing a new process of communicating with parents about attendance issues at Midland Elementary. We are asking for your support in securing the regular attendance of your student.

Attendance Process Steps:

• If your student will be absent, please call the office before school begins to let us know. If no office personnel answer, please leave a message. If you would like to be notified of when your student is absent, you may add notifications under TOOLS in your Parent Portal.

• After 3 consecutive absences or 5 total absences a teacher will make parental contact.

• At 10 absences the parent may receive an Attendance Letter.

• At 15 absences the parent will receive a call from the school counselor.

• At 20 absences the parent may receive a call from the school principal.

     • Home visits can made by the principal and counselor for those students who are chronically absent.

     • The parent may be asked to attend a mediation meeting offered by the Juvenile Court.

We understand that there are valid reasons for your student to miss school and recommend that when your student is sick, keep them home. Thanks for your support in this endeavor.

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updated: 2022-09-07