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Online Registration (2017-2018)

To complete the Online Registration Process:

1.) Login to MyWeber at 

2.) Click “Register Students” 

3.) A page with your students will appear. Click “Register My Student” 

4.) You will be asked to “Confirm Your Parental/Guardian Status”  

5.) You will then be taken to the student’s registration page. There are 5 steps to be completed.

•Step 1: Review the student information by clicking on the “Review Student Information” button.

•If there are NO changes, you need to do nothing.
•If there ARE changes, print the form, mark the form with the changes, and submit to the school.

•Step 2: Read the “Welcome Back Information” by clicking on the PDF icon. 

•Step 3: Accept Documents

You and the student will need to read and digitally sign all of the documents.

•To digitally sign, click the "Digitally Sign" button.  Parent and student will need to digitally sign.  

• If you have already signed, there will be a green checkmark stating it was digitally signed.

•Step 4: Additional Registration Information

•Click on the PDF icon to view the documents.

•Complete ONLY those documents that apply to your student. Usually the only documents that need to be printed and returned are those which have changes of which the school should be aware.

•Step 5: Submit to School

The final step is to submit any documents that were printed and filled out.


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