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End-of-Level Testing (Writing) (2013-2014)

The time for end-of-level testing is rapidly approaching.  This testing provides a important snapshot of each student's learning.  Grades 3-6 will participate in end-of-level testing.  Each student will be tested in mathematics and language arts (reading, grammar, spelling, writing).  Students in grades 4-6 will also be tested on science.

Testing for the writing portion of the Language Arts test will take place March 24th-28th, April 10th-11th, and April 14th-15th.  Each class will have at least 2 days of testing during this time.  It is very important for students to be in attendance on their assigned testing days.  Below is a schedule of when each grade or class will be testing.  Make-up tests will be administered as needed. 

Monday, March 24th (a.m) Gerritsen, Key, Ludlow, Nordmann
Tuesday, March 25th (a.m.) Gerritsen, Key, Ludlow, Nordmann
Thursday, March 27th (a.m.) Chugg, Frederickson, Hellstrom, A. Smith
Friday, March 28th (a.m.) Chugg, Frederickson, Hellstrom, A. Smith
Thursday, April 10th (a.m.) Blamires, Daines, Frazier, Hughes, Jenkins
Friday, April 11th (a.m.) Blamires, Daines, Frazier, Hughes, Jenkins
Monday, April 14th (a.m.) C. Smith, Zimmerman
Tuesday, April 15th (a.m.) C. Smith, Zimmerman

Testing can be stressful for parents, students, and teachers.  There are a few things that can help minimize this stress. 

•Discuss with your student that all you expect is their best effort.  Make sure expecations are high, but reasonable.
•Make sure your student has a good night's sleep.  To make this most effective, help them establish good sleeping patterns in advance.
•Make sure your student has a healthy breakfast.  Breakfast provides the fuel for their bodies and brains.  It is difficult to do well when the "fuel tank" is empty.
•Help your student be on-time on the day they test.

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