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Dear Parents,

At Weber School District, we value information that we receive from you as parents and guardians. As part of our evaluation of teachers, we are asking you to provide feedback about the experience you and your child(ren) had with each teacher. The results will be used to improve our performance as educators, schools, and as a school district.

To participate in the survey, login at (also known as "the portal"), using your parent account (The login for your parent is account is your e-mail address and a password you created.).  

The survey link appears next to name of the teacher(s) of each child.  Click the survey link to begin the survey. You may take the survey for each of your children's teachers. The surveys will remain open until April 24, 2015.  

Again, we appreciate your time. If you have questions, please contact your local school.


Weber School District

The time for end-of-level testing is rapidly approaching.  This testing provides a important snapshot of each student's learning.  Grades 3-6 will participate in end-of-level testing.  Each student will be tested in mathematics and language arts (reading, grammar, spelling, writing).  Students in grades 4-6 will also be tested on science.

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