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Parking, Drop-Off, Pick-Up

Please review the information below and view our parking/drop-off/pick-up map to ensure that students remain safe being dismissed and exiting school grounds. Please come into the lots rather than parking on the street.


•Drop off your students in the drop-off zones only. (Please don’t wait in drop off zone)
•Students must be dropped off at the curb or accompanied through the lots.
•No students should walk through the lots unattended.


•Pick up your students in the pick-up zones only, please continue to move forward in the pick-up zone as you wait for your student.
•Never park or leave your car unattended in this zone.
•Students must be picked up at the curb or an adult must accompany students to a parked car.
•No students should walk through the lots unattended.


•No parking the preschool stalls for elementary patrons.
•No car drop-off or pick-up in the preschool lot.

In the south lot please do not block the entrance. Please leave plenty of room for vehicles to safely and easily enter the lot.

Space in the west lot is limited. We ask that cars do not park in the coned off areas in order for buses to enter. We do allow one line of cars to park behind the cars in stalls but parents are required to accompany students to the car.

If you choose to park on the west side of 3100 West please have your student use the crosswalk at the corner.

Thanks for your help in ensuring the safety of our students.

updated: 2017-09-11

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