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1. Weber School District has the responsibility to transport bus students to and from school to their assigned bus stops.

2. Students who are not on the regular passenger list are not permitted to ride the bus.
3. Students are under the direction of the bus driver while riding on the bus.
4. All passengers are expected to be courteous to the driver and their fellow students. Students are to remain seated while the bus is in motion, and obey all other bus rules and instructions from the driver.
5. Students who refuse to obey the bus driver and display common courtesy may forfeit their privilege of riding the bus.

Due to serious liability and safety concerns with bussing students, the district has asked that we strictly adhere to the bussing policy set forth by the Weber School District, the Utah State Office of Education and Risk Management.

• The policy states that drivers are not authorized to allow eligible students to change buses, to be dropped at unassigned stops or to allow students not assigned to a route to ride the route bus.

Transporting students to such activities as parties, scouts, sleepovers, achievement days, piano lessons, daycare, etc. will NOT be allowed. Students not on the regular passenger list will not be permitted to ride the bus.

If you feel that you must request an exception to this policy because of extenuating circumstances, (i.e. a relative may be taking care of your students while you are out of town-guardianship has been assigned), you will need to fill out and sign a form which can be picked up in the office at your students school. All forms must be signed personally, phone calls are not accepted. You may also call the Transportation Supervisor, Brian Rogers at 801-476-7930 if you have concerns. We appreciate your cooperation with this important safety issue.

The education process requires continuous instruction, class participation, and study. Frequent absences from class disrupt this instructional process. Success in school is dependent upon good attendance. All the schools that send students to Roy High have chosen attendance as a focus.  In an effort to help our students with attendance we are implementing a new process of communicating with parents about attendance issues at Midland Elementary. We are asking for your support in securing the regular attendance of your student.

Weber School District Student Discipline Policy including Safe School Policy

Please review the Safe School Policy. A copy has been provided in your Back-To School Folder or you may look at it online:

School Rules

Children have the right to attend school without fear of physical or emotional harm. Our desire is to create a school atmosphere which is  loving, yet has rules that are firm, fair, and consistently enforced. One of our goals is to teach students to take responsibility for all of their actions and behave in an appropriate manner that respects the learning environment and the rights of others. We are implementing a set of schoolwide rules that will be consistent throughout the school day and apply in all learning environments (i.e. classroom, halls, lunch, playground, and busses):


Place your body in control

Activate your listening mind

Work smart

Schoolwide Motto

We believe the primary objective of discipline is to be positive and to help each student develop self-control. Student self-control gives them POWER over themselves and their environment. We will reinforce this concept through the school motto:


Positive Attitude

On Task

Wise Choices


Respect and Responsibility

Corrective Actions

We are optimistic that this program will help to promote healthy self-esteem, and a safe, orderly, and inviting school climate. However any behavior that disrupts the learning environment, or which infringes on the rights of others will not be tolerated and will be subjective to corrective measures.

The most common corrective actions that a student may experience are:

1.        Classroom Interventions – Each teacher has his/her classroom discipline program. Although the procedures differ in each classroom, they are typically designed to help the student recognize that he/she has committed a behavior infraction and impose a pre-determined set of consequences. (i.e. pull a card, move a marker, planner entry, etc.)

2.       Fix-It-Ticket –  A fix-it-ticket is a minor rule violation and is part of the teaching process. These will be issued for violations such as running in the halls, being too loud in the restroom, playing unfairly on the playground etc.

3.       Office Discipline Referral– Students are referred to the office for major discipline problems such as bullying, inappropriate language, and fighting. Students who are referred to the office could be subject to the following:  (1) communication with parent via note or telephone, (2) deprivations of privileges or preferred activities (i.e recesses), (3) “think time” in a classroom or office, (4) behavior referral form, (5) in-school or out-of-school suspension, (6) referral to proper authorities- district personnel/law enforcement.

Please note: We recognize that all incidents, students, and circumstances are not the same. We also realize that behavior interventions are a part of the student’s educational process. We will do our best to focus disciplinary efforts on the role, responsibility, and reaction of each individual student. We take great effort to be fair, consistent, reasonable, and caring. Our responsibility is to ensure the safety of all students and to protect the school’s learning environment. We greatly appreciate your support

Dear Parents and Students,

Digital media devices include, but are not limited to: cell phones, pagers, computers, cameras, audio recorders, PDA’s, radios, CD/DVD players, USB thumb drives, video games; Game Boy, Nintendo DS, PSP, and other electronic or battery powered instruments/toys. These devices have increased in our community and in the schools. While digital media devices can be beneficial, their misuse may be disruptive to a positive learning environment and may infringe on the privacy and rights of others. In order to maximize a positive learning environment at Midland Elementary the following procedures concerning the use of DMD will apply:

• Use of any and all DMD is prohibited while on school grounds. Because of the disruption of the educational process and/or the risk that these devices may be broken, lost, or stolen, students are discouraged from bringing them to school. If circumstances require that the device be brought to school it must be turned off and stored in backpacks, book bags or other areas designated by the teacher. They are not to be turned on or visible except with the consent and under the supervision of a teacher and/or administrator.
• The office phone is available for students and parents/guardians to contact each other in case of a school/personal issue or emergency, 801-476-5400.
• School personnel are not responsible for stolen, lost, or damaged DMD.

Infractions of this policy will result in the following consequences:

• 1st offense – Student will be reminded of school policy and instructed to comply.
• 2nd offense – DMD will be confiscated from the student. Students will be allowed to retrieve their property at the end of the school day. Parent will be notified.
• 3rd offense – DMD will be taken from the student and given to the administration and may be held in the office until a parent/guardian can pick it up. Parent will be notified.
• 4th offense – same as 3rd offense and depending on the nature of the infraction, students are also subject to disciplinary action “up to and including suspension from school” at the discretion of the school administration.

Additional provisions:

• Misuse of DMD is additionally addressed in Weber School District Policy 8350 (Digital Media Devices) and Policy 5200 (Student Discipline Policy, Safe School Policy).
• Students bring digital media devices on school property or to school activities at their own risk. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged DMD.
• The teacher and the office personnel will do their best to guard and protect confiscated DMD, but are not responsible for loss, damage, or theft.
• All devices that have not been picked up before June 5th will be donated.
• Searches of DMD are only conducted if there is “reasonable suspicion” of prohibited content or to determine the owner.


Mary Jo Williams


updated: 2016-08-18

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