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Annual Food Drive (2017-2018)

November 6 to November 17
Midland Panthers it is that time of year again for our annual food drive. We are excited to be able to help those in need. This year we will be helping the Joyce Hansen Hall Food Bank/Catholic Community Services. We are asking for canned food items. For example, you could think of your favorite canned food or holiday canned food item then bring a can of it to donate. Suggestions include: vegetables, fruits, beans, meats, potatoes, yams, or cranberries. The list is endless. Any and all canned food will be welcomed.  Please do not send food that is expired.

Grades will be competing to see which one can reach their target goal the fastest. The first grade to bring in the requested number of cans will win an "extra recess." We encourage every student to participate if possible. If every student brings 2 cans of food we will collect 1,112 cans to donate.
Panthers let's work together and reach a combined goal of 1,112 cans! 

Cans requested per Grade
Kindergarten: 154
First Grade: 132
Second Grade: 166
Third Grade: 168
Fourth Grade: 160
Fifth Grade: 182
Sixth Grade: 150