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Text Commands

(replace word in red italics with appropriate text, spaces shown are required)

1. Join

a. join @listcode

i. Adds sending phone number or email to list membership
ii. New phone numbers will be verified nightly
iii. New phone number will return request for sender's name

b. join @all – parents only, will check WSD records against student and parent records, and automatically subscribe to all applicable lists

2. Remove

a. remove @listcode

i. removes this device or email from specified list

b. remove @all

i. removes this device or email from all subscribed lists

3. List

a. list @listcode – returns details for list
b. list @all – returns all lists where member is subscribed

4. help – returns list of Text Commands

5. @name first last

a. Update user's name in MyConnect for sending device
b. Example: text or email this message: @name John Doe

All commands may be sent by SMS to 70288 (8398) or by email (on first line in email body) to

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