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Monday, October 25th - Be a HERO stay Drug Free! (Wear Superhero Clothes/shirts)

Tuesday, October 26th - Drugs are CrAzY!! Don’t get MIXED up in them! (Wear CrAzy Hair and/or SoCkS)

Wednesday, October 27th - Follow your DREAMS of being drug free. (Wear your pajamas)

Thursday, October 28thSay BOO to Drugs! (Wear Halloween costume) Students and staff members will be allowed to wear their costumes to school Thursday day and remain in costume at the discretion of the teacher.  They WILL be allowed to have school appropriate face paint and temporary hair dye if it pertains to their costume (please nothing permanent).  

Students are NOT allowed to bring, or have as part of their costume, any kind of pretend weapon as it gives an unsafe perception.  Also, masks which cover their faces are not allowed!  ONLY COVID friendly masks!

Friday: NO SCHOOL- professional learning day for the teachers and the end of 1st quarter.

You are not required to go purchase any items to participate in Red Ribbon Week.  If you have the items already, great.  Please do not feel like you have to go out and buy anything.

We will be doing our Halloween Parade this year and Class Activities will take place.

  • Fall Break: There will be no school on Thursday, October 14th and Friday, October 15th.  Enjoy your fall break!
  • UNITY DAY, October 20th.  We are asking students and faculty to wear and share ORANGE to prevent bullying and promote kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. If you would like to learn more about Unity Day please visit  We will be implmenting mini lessons around this theme
  • Red Ribbon Week: October 25th-Octoaber 28th.  Please watch for more information to come with activities for the week.
  • End of 1st Quarter: Thursday, Ocotber 28th.  There will be no school on Friday October 29th for professional development for teachers

Flu Shot Clinic Coming Soon! 

Midland Elementary will have a flu shot clinic at the school on Monday, October 19th. 

Click below to access 2021 Flu Clinic Schedule, forms, and information. 

Flu Shot Clinic Schedule

Adult English Consent Form

Adult Spanish Consent Form

K-5 Packet

6th Grade Packet


All of these forms and information are also available on Weber-Morgan Health Department's website.

List of Important Upcoming Events for August 2021

5th- New student Registration  10am- 6pm

23rd- Back to School Night   4:30-7:30pm

25th-First Day of School  8:45am

25th-27th-Short Days

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