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Hello Parents,

I don’t even know how to start this email other than, as a parent of three kids, I understand your concerns and frustrations on a personal level.  I am concerned for their safety first, but I am also worried about them learning what they need to learn, mastering social skills and getting out of the house once in a while.  I get it!

My concern is multiplied by 560 times as the Principal of all of your students.  I get your emails and phone calls worried about safety.  I get the concerns about taking care of your kids so you can go to work.  I get the feedback about kids learning and they need to be in person to learn.  I agree with all of that!  We all want that as soon as possible!


At Midland, safety is #1.  It is even priority over instruction for both the teachers and the students.  We will follow the Safe Weber Framework.  We will practice social distancing.  We will be as distanced and safe in lunch lines, on busses, in hallways, and in communal areas as possible.  We will sanitize our hands EVERYTIME we enter a room.  We will wear masks in the building when reasonable social distancing cannot occur and we are in close proximity.  All visitors will be temperature screened upon entry but they will not be allowed past the office.  Unfortunately, we will start the year off with no volunteers in the building for the safety of all of us.  We will have a Chromebook assigned to every student.  All high touched areas will be deep cleaned frequently.  If your student is showing any symptoms of not feeling well, please keep them at home.  We will work more diligently with any student that is absent with our short term flexible learning option. 

In the 4th quarter the teachers and staff pulled off a miracle putting together online learning options as a Band-Aid to this pandemic.  It was amazing to watch.  We are challenging ourselves to continue that miracle, only this time not as a Band-Aid.  It is going to be amazing to watch our teachers provide the quality education and instruction expected by the community both in person and online, not a temporary fix or Band-Aid.  We have been committed to simplifying the content to essential learning skills for online learning, covering those skills at a mastery level in person, and giving prompt accurate feedback to students.  Teachers have been working hard this summer to be ready to greet students back to school on August 26th whether on line or in person.

Weber School District has modified the school day schedule.  Midland Elementary will release school at 2:20pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Wednesday school will end at 12:20 pm. 

I believe Weber School District has implemented a great plan in order for us to return to school safely.  I do believe we have the best balance between instruction and safety with our Elementary Learning Options and procedures we have in place. We will not just SURVIVE this new normal, but we will excel during this time.  We will be better on the other side of this mess because we stood together during the storm.  Please continue to give your feedback and send your emails.  I read them and respond to them all!

Here is the COVID-19 School Manual.

Some of the information from the manual includes:

  • Answers to questions about contact tracing in schools, quarantine, and isolation 
  • How to screen for symptoms of COVID-19 
  • Creating a healthy learning environment for students and a safe workplace for teachers
  • Cleaning after a positive case of COVID-19
  • Testing for COVID-19

I appreciate you trusting me with your students.  I will do my very best to take care of each one of them.


Stacy Rountree

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