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  • Building Foundations for the Future

Mission Statement

  • Our students will achieve high levels of academic proficiency, develop positive character traits, and develop individual interests.


  • We will look for and find the best in each student.
  • We will establish and maintain an environment supportive to the development of the whole student.
  • We will work respectfully and collaboratively to establish high and achievable expectations for ourselves and all students.
  • We will seek and implement best practice.
  • We will communicate openly, effectively, and positively with teachers, staff, and parents with the intent to enhance student growth.
  • We will continuously reflect and improve.
  • We will celebrate.

We will model everything we expect from our students, including lifelong learning, behaviors, and respect.

What are essential learning targets?

Expressions & Equations

  • I can represent real life situations using algebraic and numerical expressions.

  • I can use properties of mathematics to find solutions to equations and inequalities.

  • I can use substitution to evaluate expressions, equations, and inequalities for given values.

  • I can show and explain the relationship between independent and dependent values.

Ratios & Proportions

  • I can make comparisons with and within wholes (part to part; part to whole, whole to part).

  • I can identify and describe the fixed relationship (unit rate) between two values that are being compared.

  • I can reason about comparisons and make predictions about what would happen if part of the comparison changes.


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